Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

At Get A Bike we sell pre-owned bikes.  All too often someone looking for their next bike choose Craigslist, eBay or online stores in order to save as much money a possible.  Although from time to time you might get lucky and find that “sweet deal” in more cases than not that is not true.  Furthermore, when you do make a purchase unfortunately you have no real history of the bike.  When a deal sounds to good to be true it probably is!  Most sweet deals on high end bikes are usually “demo bikes”, “raced out team bikes”, broken frame bikes repaired to look new, “clones” or even stolen!  All which can be very dangerous and leave you heartbroken when your bike starts to fail.

On most manufacturer websites there will be information warning consumers on how they do not sell bikes via the net and list all sales of their bikes via the net as “Gray market sales”.   At Get A Bike we eliminate all those insecurities!  We do not trade in or buy just any pre-owned bike!  Every bike we consider trading in or buying is carefully inspected from top to bottom in most cases we completely dismantle the bike in question to inspect any possible interior flaws or inconsistencies.  We work closely with the manufacturers specifications to eliminate any possibilities of taking in any clones.  We also work with authorities to make sure we do not buy stolen bikes.  This ensures our customers from the start they are buying an authentic sound bike.  We go through the entire bike and replace any worn parts with New Manufacturer recommended parts.  It is a long process to consider the bike certified pre-owned.  Our careful procedures allow us to warranty against any mechanical defects on all certified pre-owned bikes for a full 90 days!

Looking To Trade Or Sell?